• How To Edge A Lawn

    The Complete Guide To Having The Best Edged Lawn In The Neighbourhood

    Lawn Edging: The Basics

    Is it hard to tell where your lawn starts and ends? Do your flowers end up looking like they're growing in the middle of the lawn because there's no real start and stop point? Don't worry you are far from alone in this - it's one of the things that gardeners complain about most, but the good news is that we're to help with some advice on the best options to keep your lawn in check in 2016.


    Why you might ask is it that important that you actually do keep the division between your lawn and the garden beds defined. Well the truth is apart from the fact it looks nicer, it's also a powerful way to keep weeds at bay, especially if you're using actual lawn edging products to create that divide. In addition by working to keep the two seperated you will help maintain a stronger lawn as instead of putting it's effort into growing and filling in all the space available to it your grass will grow accustomed to being within a fixed space causing it to spend more time growing stronger in the place where it is allowed to grow.


    So what can you expect to learn from this article? Our goal is to give you everything you need to know to make sure you make the best decision for you and your garden in how you want to maintain your borders. This will range from covering the tools you can use to do it by hand on a regular basis to the product that you can buy to give the lawn and garden beds a more decorative divide, which at the same time offer a great way to keep all those nasty weeds that you don't want growing at bay.


    Are you ready? Well let's begin... and if you think we've missed anything or have any other questions then don't hesitate to get in touch!

  • How To Edge Your Lawn Using Tools

    Lawn Edging Tools Overview

    The most basic and cost-effective way to keep your lawn edges tidy is to do it yourself. While we have used a spade when desperate in the past to get the job done, I can assure you from the way it looked at the end, this is far from a precise way to get your lawn edges looking sharp!


    The two tools that we recommend purchasing are a half moon edging tool (our recommendation is....) and some lawn edging shear. Why two tools? Because both do very different jobs, and while it might seem like an expense to have to buy both, the truth is that the time they save you by being able to do their individual jobs so well definitely makes them worth the price.

    How To Use A Half Moon Lawn Tool

    Lets focus first on the half moon edger. If you know how to use a shovel then you're going to be just fine with this tool. All you need to do is line it up with where you want the edge of the lawn to be and gentle press on down. This will trim off the excess law that's making things look untidy. For best results make sure it's always a vertical motion - if you try to do it at an angle then you will find that the finished result is now as clear cut as you might like it to be.


    Once done you will then want to remove the excess soil that you've chopped off. Make sure to also clean your edging tool to keep it in top condition for next time. You will also probably want to  periodically sharpen your tool to keep it in top notch condition.

    How To Use Lawn Edging Shears

    Due to the fact that your edger will have removed excess soil and grass there will be no need for the lawn edging shears at this point. These come into their own in terms of maintaining the clean cut edge over time when it's only the grass that is over-growing and not the soil beneath losing the shaping.


    We really like the Spear and Jackson range of shearers for their strong cutting action and also the length of the handles which make them easy to use without having to stoop too much to get to the edge of the lawn.  With any shears the focus is really on trimming the loose over-hanging grass away (just like you used to get your fringe cut by your mum when you were at school).

  • The Secret To Keeping Your Lawn Edging in Hand AND Looking Amazing

    How The Experts Keep Their Lawns Looking Amazing


    We've got great news - there is a solution to your woes. We can't promise that you won't ever need to go out and trim the edges again, but you will find the amount of work you need to do to keep the weeds at bay is a lot less. It can also add a really nice decorative touch to your garden too - adding an edging barrier between your lawn and flower bed - not only does this look amazing, but it also will save you all those hours of having to keep going and re-doing the edge every five minutes!


    How easy is it to add garden edging? It does take a bit of work to do, but honestly it's nothing that hard and definitely something you could complete in a weekend.

    1. Preparing Your Lawn and Garden

    The first step is to prepare the lawn edge. To do this you're going to need a half moon tool like the one mentioned above. Using it at a vertical angle you need to cut the lawn into the shape that you want removing the sods of earth that you no longer want there. Try and shake out as much of the soil as possible into your beds then put the rest into the compost - the whole aim here is to stop the grass growing into the garden so we don't want to be mixing it in!


    2. Decide on Your Lawn Edging

    The next step really depends on the kind of lawn edging product that you're going to use because there really is a plentiful array of options. These range from simple plastic edging, sch as the Best4Garen Heavy Duty Edging, more decorative edging like this Fleur De Lys design and some natural options like log rolls and bamboo edging. If none of those suit then maybe the brick edging option that a lot of people are picking will be more your thing.


    3. Dig A Trench

    You will now need to dig a trench running along the newly formed line for the edging to sit in. The size and depth of this will be very much dependent on the product you choose to use - bricks tend to need a wide trench, but not very deep, whereas a lot of the more decorative iron garden edging designs require little in terms of width, but need more to anchor them in.

    4. Secure Everything In Place

    One thing to remember whichever option you chose is to not get rid of the excess soil as you dig it out. You won't be able to get it all back in , but it's crucial that you backfill around the new edging to ensure that it stays firmly in place.

    Recommended Retailers

    If you're taken with the lawn edging idea as a way to edge your lawn then you should definitely head down to your local garden centre to see what they have on offer and be able to actually feel the quality... however if you want to try and be as economical as possible we recommend after that you head over to Amazon who have just about every piece of lawn edging or lawn edger tool at a fraction of the cost!